Learning Outcome Matrix
Program Code: PSL.M
Start Date: 2023-09-02
Master of Science in Professional Sales Leadership
MATH601Introduction to AnalyticsXX
PUAD715Methodological Reasoning and Quantitative AnalysisXXXXX
SALE710Professional SalesXXXXX
SALE720Professional Sales Strategy and TechnologyXXXXXXXXXX
SALE730Professional Sales Leadership and ManagementXXXXX
Institution Learning Outcomes
ILO1Communication: Communicate professionally using a variety of modalities (written, spoken, and technological).
ILO2Critical Thinking: Analyze and evaluate information to make reasoned arguments and solve problems.
ILO4Ethics: Analyze and evaluate complex issues and situations to make informed ethical decisions.
ILO5Disciplinary Expertise
Program Learning Outcomes
PSL.M1Communicate and negotiate effectively with clients, partners, and other business stakeholders.
PSL.M2Use recent neuroscience and psychology research to understand and influence behavior.
PSL.M3Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies and best practices to acquire and retain customers.
PSL.M4Apply effective sales processes to develop relationships, solve problems, and sell successfully.
PSL.M5Plan, organize, coach, and supervise diverse sales teams.
PSL.M6Conduct research and data analyses to develop business insights, create strategic plans, and inform decisions.
PSL.M7Evaluate the ethical and legal implications of sales and sales management strategies.