Learning Outcome Matrix
Program Code: MGMTB
Start Date: 2023-09-02
Bachelor of Science - Management & Leadership
ACCT215Financial AccountingXXXX
ACCT225Managerial AccountingXXXX
BSAD110Business PrinciplesXXXX
BSAD220Business LawXXXXX
BSAD495Business Administration CapstoneXXXXXXXXX
ECON210Introduction to MicroeconomicsXXXX
FINA301Principles of FinanceXXXX
HRM300Human Resources ManagementXXXX
MGMT312Principles of ManagementXXXX
MGMT325Organizational BehaviorXXXXXXXX
MGMT425Organizational ChangeXXXX
MGMT440Organizational Culture & PerformanceXXXXXX
MGMT470Organizational LeadershipXXXXX
Institution Learning Outcomes
ILO2Critical Thinking: Analyze and evaluate information to make reasoned arguments and solve problems.
ILO3Civic & Global Engagement: Integrate knowledge and skills to engage with and respond to social, environmental, and economic challenges at local, national, and global levels.
ILO4Ethics: Analyze and evaluate complex issues and situations to make informed ethical decisions.
ILO5Disciplinary Expertise
Program Learning Outcomes
MGMTB1Analyze organizational culture and evaluate its impact on an organizational performance
MGMTB2Analyze the organizational behavior of a department or business and recommend changes for improvement
MGMTB3Analyze, recommend, and apply change management processes to real world situations.
MGMTB4Create a leadership development plan through the integration of transformational leadership theory.
MGMTB5Integrate management and leadership theories and concepts to determine the optimal strategic direction for an organization