Learning Outcome Matrix
Program Code: HCA.D
Start Date: 2023-09-02
Doctor of Healthcare Administration
ENG800Doctoral Writing & ResearchXXXXX
HCM810Organizations, Community & Global HealthXXXX
HCM820Healthcare Policy, Regulations & ReformXXXXX
HCM830Healthcare Economics, Resources & FinanceXX
HCM840Healthcare Quality, Process & ImprovementXXXX
HIM802Advanced Health Information GovernanceXXXX
MATH807Introduction to StatisticsXXX
MATH810Applied StatisticsXXX
MTHD803Intro to Quantitative Methods & DesignXXX
MTHD804Intro to Qualitative Methods & DesignXXX
MTHD820Advanced Quantitative Research & DesignXXX
MTHD822Advanced Qualitative Research & DesignXXX
MTHD824Advanced Mixed Methods Research & DesignXXX
Institution Learning Outcomes
ILO1Communication: Communicate professionally using a variety of modalities (written, spoken, and technological).
ILO2Critical Thinking: Analyze and evaluate information to make reasoned arguments and solve problems.
ILO3Civic & Global Engagement: Integrate knowledge and skills to engage with and respond to social, environmental, and economic challenges at local, national, and global levels.
ILO4Ethics: Analyze and evaluate complex issues and situations to make informed ethical decisions.
ILO5Disciplinary Expertise
Program Learning Outcomes
HCA.D1LO2 -Apply research skill to prioritize and plan organizational healthcare change.
HCA.D2LO4 -Analyze organizational healthcare problems, develop solutions and measure their impact.
HCA.D3LO1- Demonstrate ethical leadership and management theory in a healthcare organization.
HCA.D4LO- Integrate considerations of legal and regulatory requirements for healthcare into decision making for organizational changes.